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Course fee: R 1900


Crisis Management training is designed for Captains and other senior company managers responsible for planning and coordinating emergency response efforts within their organizations. It deals with management practices that prepare their vessels and crew well in advance of the emergency, including training initiatives which improve the effectiveness of internal training efforts. Attention is focused on stress management, communications and risk mitigation. It prepares vessel officers and managers themselves to better deal with the events leading up to crisis situations. STCW Crisis Management applies a general knowledge of shipboard organization, use of equipment, emergency control and communication skills in responding to shipboard emergencies. This course satisfies the requirements for those personnel having responsibility for the safety of passengers in emergency situations and Masters, Mates, Chief Engineers and Assistant Engineers on Passenger Vessels in “Crisis Management & Human Behaviour”

Course Outline

Organise shipboard emergency procedures

Optimise the use of resources

Control response to emergencies

Control passengers and other personnel during emergency situations

Establish and maintain effective communications


Exit level: After successful completion of the course the trainees will be competent in planning and coordinating emergency response efforts within their organizations.

Assessment: Written assessment


5 years

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