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This course holds the equivalent of a Level 3 Award, The ISTQ / Marsec Accredited Maritime Security Operative programme delivers the security elements training required to work offshore, as anti-piracy security personnel.

This course was written in conjunction with the World’s leading maritime specialist and is delivered by both the UK and South African centres of ISTQ. The MSO course takes up to 4 days to complete and covers the theory security elements and assessment required to be cleared for offshore security operations.

There are three elements in total required to operate offshore of which this course is one, the elements required include;

  • Maritime Security Operative (delivered by Marsec/ISTQ)
  • STCW95 (delivered by Marsec in SA)
  • Firearms safety and competency (delivered by Marsec/ISTQ)

This Accredited programme is delivered exclusively by ISTQ on a Worldwide basis and is accredited by Highfield Qualifications in the UK. Successful learners will receive an accredited certificate from Highfield Qualifications in the UK.

Assessment Method

This programme requires workbook completion with additional multiple-choice questions incorporated and is assessed by SME’s engaged by ISTQ.

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Successful Candidates will receive the opportunity to be interviewed by a major shipping company where if successful at interview they will gain valuable paid at sea experience in the DSD role leading to an armed maritime protection role.

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